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About Me

Hi I'm Bianca (affectionately known as Bi). I have worked in the design / advertising industry for the last 15yrs and my experience has ranged from Account Management right through to Design. I have always had a love for art and over the past few years have tried to make as much time as possible to develop my skills. I have participated in several group exhibitions and been a finalist in the Emma Hack Art Prize. I'm currently doing an artist residency at Aus Fashion Labels and look forward to the exhibition later this year.

My art work always addresses the empowerment of women – almost a goddess status. Bringing together my love of theatre/ballet I try to capture the strength and beauty of my characters in an almost theatrical way. I take inspiration from the novels that I read featuring female heroines as well as the inspiriting women that I meet. My use of dramatic light and beautiful models assists in portraying the strength and resilience of women.